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The Reverb Factory Ltd are an award winning video production company based in the North West. We provide creative and engaging video production services, past projects include short films & documentaries, corporate videos, authoring bespoke DVD and Blu-ray discs, trade show promotional videos, logo animations, digital signage animations, music videos, through to filmmaking workshops & project work.

The diversity and range of the projects we take on are matched only by our personal service and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your project exceeds your expectations.

Regardless of the size or complexity of the video production you are considering, if you are unsure of where to start or simply require some help and advice, contact us on 07968695270 to discuss your requirements further. You can also contact us directly via e-mail at or by using our contact form. You'll probably find it costs a lot less than you think!

Rohilla Centenary

Barnoldswick travel to Whitby for the SS Rohilla Centenary:


Representatives from Barnoldswick travelled to Whitby to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the hospital ship Rohilla as it sailed to Dunkirk to pick up wounded soldiers from the First World War.

Barnoldswick representatives travel to Whitby for the SS Rohilla Centenary.

Of the fifteen Barnoldswick men on board, twelve perished in the tragedy.

Our cameras travelled along to document the events that took place throughout the day.

It turned out to be a very emotional day and it really hit home the tremendous bravery of not only the heroic rescuers, but also the 15 local men from Barnoldswick and the tragic loss of life.

It was definately an experience that will stay with us for a long time...

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Spektra Tattoo Gallery

A unique insight into the fascinating world of tattoos:


This documentary provides a unique insight into the fascinating world of Spektra Tattoo Gallery.

It showcases the creative talents of Studio owner Lee Pickles, who has successfully turned his passion for drawing and creativity into the hugely popular Spektra Tattoo Gallery.

Spektra Tattoo Gallery - A unique insight into the fascinating world of tattoos.

Our cameras filmed and interviewed Lee at his Barnoldswick based Studio, where we learn about his personal journey and gain an understanding of just what goes into his studio and the creation of his tattoo designs.

For more information on Spektra Tattoo Gallery contact Lee on

Also check out his social network sites: and

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T-cut Color Fast

Bespoke 3d Model & animation work showcases T-Cut's latest product:


T-Cut is the world's most respected Car Care brand. Continually asked for by name, T-Cut delivers top quality, with a wide range of performance products for renovation and restoration of car paintworks.

T-Cut Color Fast - Waxing Paintwork Restorer.

The Reverb Factory were again re-commissioned to work closely with Tetrosyl's internal marketing division to produce a short promotional video for one of their most successful products: T-Cut Color Fast.

Due to the bespoke nature of their product packaging we had to model the container in 3d to then allow us to animate the product in 3d space.

3d model animation taking shape
Creating the bespoke 3d product model animation...


We filmed all of the supporting footage and brought it all together in a creative and engaging way that catches the viewers attention and showcases the benefits of the product.

We'd go so far as to say that we were all genuinely impressed with the difference the Color Fast product made to the car and have since bought and used it on our own cars!

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T-cut Scratch Magic Pen

Exhibition & Event video showcases advanced technology in waterborne paint:


The Reverb Factory were recently commissioned by Tetrosyl to produce a promotional video that demonstrated and showcased their aqua-t range of waterborne paints.

aqua-t - advanced technology in Waterborne Paint.

Developed and manufactured in the UK, the Aqua-t product range uses world leading and innovative production methods.

Advanced pigment and resin technology enables aqua-t to set high standards of coverage with perfect consistency, excellent colour strength, high chroma and ease of application.

3d model animation taking shape
3d model animation is taking shape...



We filmed all of the footage on location at the Tetrosyl factory and produced all of the graphics & animations in house. This enabled the client to have an efficient workflow and resulted in the completed video being turned around in a short space of time.

The completed video has already been used at trade shows and exhibitions worldwide, successfully attracting new business opportunities. The video has proven to be a key factor in attracting people to their stand in a slick and professional way.

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T-cut Scratch Magic Pen

Another satisfied client - quick turnaround from concept to delivery:


The Reverb Factory were recently commissioned to produce a short promotional video for the new T-cut Scratch Magic pen.

T-cut Scratch Magic - if it says T-cut, it works!.

The client requested a fast turnaround and we pulled out all the stops and produced everything from 'scratch' and delivered it to them after 5 days.

This video included custom model designs and after effects work to animate their existing product artwork.

The completed video is being used at trade shows and exhibitions worldwide as part of an impressive CarPlan branded stand.


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Bradley Wiggins - Ride with Brad

Inspiring day out at the Launch event for the Bradley Wiggins Foundation:


We went down to the 'Ride with Brad' event which was being held in our home town of Barnoldswick. Hundreds of Cyclists and fans of Olympic and Tour de France hero Bradley Wiggins came out in force to show him their support.

Did you take part in the event? see if you can spot yourself in our video.

This was Wiggins' first public appearance since he won gold in the men's time trial at the London Olympics.

The Bradley Wiggins - 'Ride with Brad' Sportive was in aid of the Bradley Wiggins Foundation.

More information on this fantastic new charity can be found here:

Congratulations to everybody who took part and everybody who helped make the event such a success!


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Leon K Dewhurst

Short film explores the bespoke creations of an award winning third generation jeweller:


Leon K Dewhurst is a multi-award winning third generation jeweller with over 12 years of experience in the trade. He wanted a promotional film that not only showcased his creations but gave an insight into the craft of jewellery making.

Gain an insight into the world of professional jewellery making.

Our cameras followed the creation of a piece of jewellery he was producing for a client, based around an ammonite fossil. The client supplied her own metal and had drawn her own designs, wanting Leon to bring the piece to life.

We follow each of the design stages from initially melting down the metal, to final handover of the finished piece.

Introduction animation design
Introduction animation design





We re-created his business logo and designed an animated introduction to the film, using Adobe After Effects. The writing displays on screen asthough it's being welded (the metal even glows orange and slowly turns to black as it cools) It's this kind of attention to detail which help to create a very slick and professional video.

The only downside to this project was the fact that we will miss seeing 'George' Leon's dog, who gladly performed in front of our cameras! :)

More information on Leon's very impressive showroom & workshop can be found here: Leon K Dewhurst

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The Prince's Trust

The Reverb Factory take part in The Prince's Trust work experience scheme:


The Prince's TrustThe Prince's Trust helps young people gain the confidence and skills they need to get a job. One of the ways they help young people is through its 12-week Team programme. It gives unemployed 16-25 year olds the chance to develop their skills and confidence through practical community projects and work experience.

When we got the call from the local Prince's Trust work experience team we agreed to help by taking on a seventeen year old young man called Joshua Whitehead.

He had expressed an interest in media production and already had a good grounding on the use of Adobe software and wanted to gain experience in a production environment. We took him through various animation techniques and worked on his key-framing skills.

The Prince's Trust - work experience video
We arranged to film a little promotional film for a local Jeweller so Josh produced a series of questions that we could ask the owner of the business during an on camera interview. Josh asked all of the questions and ensured that the interview flowed well, a difficult skill to learn but he did an excellent job.

Well done to Josh and thank-you to The Prince's Trust for giving us the opportunity to take part in what has proven to be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Watch the video above to see first hand how well he applied himself during his time at The Reverb Factory.

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Evocative video footage of the final moments of the Fernbank Mill Chimney:

Evocative video footage of the final moments of the Fernbank Mill Chimney:

Short film documents the chimney's final moments.

We received a call at 8am on Sunday 2nd October to enquire if we were available to capture and produce a short video on the demolition of the Fernbank Mill Chimney in Barnoldswick. Knowing a good story when we see one, we agreed and scrambled our gear together and headed down to the mill as it was due to be felled at 1pm the same day.

The resulting ten minute video features exclusive interviews with those involved and footage of the chimney’s final moments with the creaks and groans of the chimney’s death throes providing an eerie sound track.

The felling of the chimney marked the end of 98 years of local history and was witnessed by many local people who turned up to watch the day unfold. The entire video was edited and handed to the client to present to the public within 2 days of being filmed. It went on to be screened in high definition during a Newsreel prior to each of the main feature films at the local cinema.

Further information on the demolition can be found here and here

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